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About us

Growth and evolution since 1994

Since its establishment in 1994, we have been continuously transforming.

Experiences in distribution, logistics, bakery and pastry, accumulated in the early years, have opened new opportunities for the production of long-term snacks.

So, in 2008, we bought the brezel factory in bacau, where brezel was produced for the first time in Romania.

In 2014, we have completed the process of upgrading our production facilities. So we expanded our offer with new brezel varieties and created two new bands: mini stiks and mini biskuitzi.

We do not stop here. Our colleagues, responsible for research and development of new products, work on several directions, the results will soon see.

IFS Certificate

Dunicec Com SRL has been awarded with an IFS certificate proving that we are a high quality producer and a trusted business partner.

All of these comes with a low prices of our products to ensure a valuable business partnership over the years.


We are looking for trading partners in EU who are interested in importing our products. We have a strong brand and quality products that almost sells itself. Mini pretzel is a quality product and it is well positioned in consumer minds!

Exactly what customers want: cheap and tasty! We have an export experience for many years and would like to expand in EU region. We are also experienced in PRIVATE LABEL production in some EU countries. If you are interested in private label business with our company, please contact our management staff at with your business proposal.

Our colleagues from the export department help you to get the best price and export price. All you have to do is send us a mail to export @

Let us give you a wonderful business opportunity for the years to come!

You may write us any business proposal that you may have by clicking the link below.

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